Membership in more than one team in free plan

  • 13 January 2022
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Me and my collegues use free plan and have our own team with 3 boards. Now I was invited to someone else team, but accepting the invitation does not work. What can I do? Or is it not part of free plan?

1 reply

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@SusanneGessner - Your Miro account profile should be allowed to be a member of a virtually unlimited number of teams. The invite link previously sent to you may have been rescinded.

My Miro account account profile is currently a member of:

  • five Free Plan teams
  • one Education Plan team
  • two Enterprise Plan teams
  • three Consultant Plan teams
  • one Team Plan team

Here’s a screenshot from a while ago:


I would suggest that you--or a colleague--reach out to a Team Admin of this other Free Plan team that is trying to invite you to the team.

They should be able to go into the

  • team profile settings → Active users → and add you using the Invite new members action: