Getting reports from Miro - similar to Kanban/Scrum in Jira

  • 29 March 2020
  • 4 replies

Are there reporting utilities within Miro - similar to say Kanban/Scrum in Jira.

4 replies

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I think I understand the question. I’m similarly looking for functionality that allows me to see an overview of my Kanban board from a few lenses, for example: status, complete, in work, past due, by owner, etc. It would be great to even get into story-pointing. So far I can’t even find out a way to use the due dates and owner tags to send reminders or view tasks by owner. Any basic project and task management functionality would be excellent.

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@Jonathan Stoyko -

Unfortunately not - the Kanban board is really just for seeing the status of work items and work flow so the metrics and reporting you’d expect from a true work management tool (e.g. Kanbanize, Trello) is not available. There are a few wish list topics related to the Kanban functionality which you could upvote…


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@Jonathan Stoyko - I had just searched for Card and Kanban Wish List Ideas earlier today - here are the links:

Hi @ajj, I’m not sure I understand what you mean, sorry. Can you please give us more details on your use case?