'Double tap to add the last object used' feature is not working anymore

  • 12 December 2021
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Just jumping into this thread too as a voice for bringing this back as an option. 

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@Helga Wow. This thread has been devastating. Double click stopped working and I came here to see if it was a bug. Shocked to see such a big feature removed with no option to turn it back on. 36% of people seems pretty significant to not even have an option. The double click is a lifesaver for my workflow, which just became a lot more tedious. I hope Miro considers an option in the future. Muscle memory is a b*tch. RIP double click.

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Can u enable this feature for a Tablet at most? at laptop we can use Hotkeys but at Tablet its very tediously

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I wish I had better news for you but we are going to completely deprecate the double-click shortcut. And there is no way to keep in on the particular users’ accounts as it’s not technically possible. As we already mentioned, we made that decision because our data shows that in 64% of cases the newly created widget is either removed or not edited. The shortcut has no indication of what widget will be created, and causes unnecessary friction in both continuous and first-time usage. Also, the adoption of the feature isn’t high enough to justify investing in improving its UX. 
We hope for your understanding.

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Thanks for your feedback - i´ll miss the double click option. @Amina from Russia I press the “n” button on my keyboard now to create a new sticky note. That works better for me than drag and drop.

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Oh no! I loved that feature! It has recently stopped working for me and this is why I was looking for a way to turn it back on, because the lack of it is slowing my work down considerably. It’s so annoying now. Could you possibly make this optional, maybe turned off by default but definitely allow the people who use it to be able to continue doing so?

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As per this post:


Hi everyone!

We’ve disabled the double-click shortcut (that creates a sticky note, text, or shape depending on what’s been used last) recently for all Miro users as our research showed that most of the users didn’t use or deleted those objects right away after creation.

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@Johanna K. unfortunately, I’m still struggling.

I must have blocked this function on my keyboard and don’t know how to unblock it.

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@Robert Johnson thank you.

I use MacBook Air; Mac OS Sierra

browser - Google;  I’m using a web version of Miro

I’m using a touchpad on my Mac, not a mouse.

I used to double-click it which would create a new version of whichever object I last created.

But then I did something, I must have accidentally clicked a few random buttons on my keyboard and BLOCKED the option of double-creating objects.

There must be something I can do with my keyboard. But I don’t know what exactly.

Because I’ve checked if double-clicking works from Safari, it doesn’t.

But when we entered my Miro board from another person’s laptop HP, the double-click worked.





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I have had the same problem since friday. I use (and I have always used) Miro in Chrome on my Laptop and I´m not using the desktop app. 

 @Amina from Russia Did you find a solution for your problem?

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@Amina from Russia - Can you tell us about how you are accessing Miro? All we can assume is that you may be using a touchscreen device when you use the word "tap" vs. "click".

What type of device? (Phone, tablet, laptop?)

What operating system?

Are you using a browser - if so, which one?

or are you using a Miro desktop, phone, or tablet app?

For example, I use both the latest stable 64-bit Chrome browser and Miro desktop app on Windows 11 Home 64-bit and a double-click of my mouse on a board creates a new version of whichever object I last created. My I tested this in both Mouse and Trackpad navigation mode. I can’t test what happens when I am Touchscreen mode as my new laptop does not have a touchscreen. Perhaps this action is broken when in touchscreen mode, which would explain your reference of “tapping”.