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  • 25 August 2020
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… The issue of blurriness when pasting Powerpoint slides persists (for me at least). 

Has anyone found a solution besides pasting from PDF versions?

I’m having the same issue here as of yesterday. Blurry PDF’s that also make the navigation on Miro board jagged and jumpy, smooth zoom and pan is lost. If I delete the PDF it reverts to smooth navigation again. Perhaps another post about this. 


I thought it was at the Software Authoring the PDF (ArchiCAD) but other pdf’s from there are fine. I tried the Open in Preview export as PDF option too to re-author it but this same pdf still gives issues. 

May try PDF to SVG vector as workaround in InkScape. 

Hello! I need help in exporting one board from an upgraded member. I am not having fund to upgrade but worked on a board extensively to visualize my youth work. It is a non-profit youth work related research and any help in exporting in high quality will be greatly appreciated and I shall be ever thankful to you for this. Please help me as the board concludes my 7 years of work. 


Here is the board: 


It seems this is a recent problem. Two months back, I could infinitely zoom into a vectorized pdf or svg without any issues.

You can try upload as jpg, png or screenshots copy see if it works. 

Users on i pad are reporting same problem here also.

I’m also having blurry images on MacBook Pro, using the app. Makes Miro quite unusable :(

Happening for me too - only a recent event of the last few months.   Uploading pdf’s and ppt’s before then viewed perfectly.  Now it’s the same grainy twinkling in and out as the above images.

Same problem. I don’t know if this is solved elsewhere, but would be great to include a solution on this thread which is the first google hit for this issue.