Add Columns to Wireframe Component - Data Table

  • 20 January 2024
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I would like to use this Data Table wireframe component but I need more vertical columns. It appears that I can add rows, but not columns… any tips?



3 replies

Hi! just registered with the intention of +1 this thread. 


I ended up here after trying dozens of clicks to add a column, and as the original poster, I couldn't believe that it is impossible to add columns 😂 I mean, it is counterintuitive because we are able to add rows but not columns 🤯 


Thanks for the workaround anyway. 

When I couldn’t believe that it is impossible to add columns, my search brought up this post. Thanks for the answer!

Please consider making the table content text recognize some special markdown, e.g. “[x] | Header | Icon | Another header”...

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@BriarRose159 - A couple of options could be to use:

  1. another wireframe table, placing it to the right of the one you are showing, and maybe even covering the left back boxes with a white (or whatever colour you need) rectangle shape, and then grouping them all together.
  2. a standard Table object.