Hide Avatar/Name label that appears when someone is editing/moving an object

  • 12 October 2020
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In workshops and meetings with a large number of active participants the flurry of activity on screen can be distracting. Hiding collaborator’s cursors mitigates this but even with cursors hidden there is still a gray box that appears any time someone is editing an object.



Though one can switch collaborator cursors on and off, the ability to turn off the gray avatar/name label that appears when someone is editing and object doesn’t exist.

Example of the gray box with Avatar and Name that appears when a user edits and object

At my company we use Miro to facilitate highly interactive workshops with upwards of 15 users working in tandem at a time. With this number of people all active at once, having these avatar/name boxes appearing all at once can be as distracting as having all of the cursors on screen.


Possible Solution

It would be great to have a way to hide these labels in the same way that we can hide collaborator cursors.

3 replies

I Agree, also useful if you want to use anonymous dot-voting

Did anyone have a solution to this? It’s making dot voting difficult. 

@Jamie Prow , I just found out there is a Voting function within Miro, works for “dot-voting”: