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Was just looking to see how to do this - definite feature we would like to see so we can include in project report etc

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I would also like to have some additional comment features as a project admin:

  1. export comments in context - can they be added to visual notes automatically so that can be exported to pdf?
  2. copy comments along with content.  I recently tried to preserve a snapshot of a project by copying all the content off to the side and was hoping all the comments would also be copied so the main space could be cleared for new work
  3. Ability to clear all comments within a given frame

Bump - as an instructor, teaching professionals new skills every day, it would be incredibly useful to be able to export visuals we make on our whiteboards as PDFs including comments with more details on sections of the diagram. 

Same here… Could you please add this feature? Or at least the possibility to select text in the comment bar as at the minute I can’t even copy and paste all the comments at once. Thanks in advance.

I’m testing Miro and Padlet for statewide, virtual, collaborative brainstorming discussions  - Padlet at the very least will publish comments with the PDF they generate in context. From there, I can export the PDF copy and paste it into my excel/googlesheets. Granted, I can see how it would be difficult to create a way to print comment thread in context on the PDF Miro generates, but it would be so valuable to have at least the option to export to CSV in context to the object the comment is attached to. 

Miro is much more powerful as an overall tool than Padlet, but for this reason, I’m to the point where I’m considering paying to use more than the free version of Padlet. 

Comments are important to the process and allows us to do more than we could in person!

Idea: Could you at least make the comments exportable from the updates list?

All that said, I am in LOVE with Miro and look forward to continuing to find ways to use it. 

Bumping this up.

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Yes please!  Exporting comments would be brilliant!