Change default behavior of connection lines

  • 3 February 2021
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Creating a system map with post its and connection lines is very time consuming, as I have to manually attach each line to the center. The default is attaching it to the side of an item:

Reason I want them to be attached to the center is to make it possible to re-order item easily, without having to move the lines myself.


Connect the connecting lines to the center by default.

Why do I need this?

For making a system map I am using text with border and connection lines.

I mark the arrows with a + or to show if the influence is either positive or negative.

Getting an overview of parts that interconnect and influence each other. With the arrows I show the direction, so which item influences what item.

First idea would be to use the mind map tool, however I have reasons for not using the mind map tool:

  • The arrows overlap while having more children
  • It is not possible to add text to the connection lines
  • The connection lines are lines and not arrows

This is used to expose and visualize problem areas and communicating about it.

So basically, I am trying to create a more advanced mind map, than the mind map tool allows me to do.

1 reply

I really like this as an idea. It would also be great if we could choose which type of connector line we would like by default. It currently defaults to the curved lines which can make the flow diagrams we create look very messy and confusing very quickly. If we could change the default to the angled lines it would make things much easier and faster as we need to change it alot.