Write code in Miro and ship better-quality software

  • 16 November 2022
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Hi all,

I’m very excited for this one, hope you are too!

Code block makes it easy for teams to write and collaborate on code, and to ship better quality software. The widget includes 15 of the most popular programming languages. Code block can:

  • Automatically highlights syntax 

  • Paste code from external tools into Miro

  • Copy the code back into your favorite code editing tool

Engineering teams and recruiters can now easily brainstorm new solutions, debug problems remotely, or conduct coding interviews in Miro. 

Visit our Help Center for more information.


Happy collaborative coding!



7 replies

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Thanks, Miro team! Now I can retire my custom-code-block-rectangle-shape-custom-template! (Even just typing it takes longer than using the new Code Block!)

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Thank you @Robert Johnson for covering this need until we got this live #teameffort :) 

@Turner Pijpers can we make the code block collapsible! would be great! thanks :D 

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Thank you very much for adding this feature. Please do not forget to add support for C# since it is 4th place in the 10 most used programming languages in 2022.

Love this.
Good to have at a minimum, lighter/darker theme.

I like the feature, but as @eliumoraes says, C# is in the top 10 of the languages and not in the code block as a possible language. Any chance you will add it soon ?

Thx for the great work.

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@Didier Kuttel - You may want to upvote this Wish List idea post → https://community.miro.com/ideas/add-c-language-support-to-code-block-11899