New: Cluster sticky notes by tag or color!

  • 11 August 2022
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Hi Miro Community,


It’s me again with another exciting update: you can now quickly sort sticky notes by color or tags

Quickly organize team input from meetings and workshops, and structure large quantities of sticky notes. Clustering allows you to easily create groups and save time by letting the app arrange sticky notes by color or tags.

🤩 Bonus: You can use it to go beyond just meetings to sort through other kinds of information, from research to simply making sense of your thoughts.

Visit this Help Center article to learn more and let us know your feedback once you’ve tried it! 


Happy clustering,




9 replies

Hi Jenny,

This is a great feature! I’m looking for a way to cluster Cards in the same way. Is this possible in some way or is this something to add to the idea list?

What I’m trying to achieve is to have an overview over the cards tagged with a specific tag. 


With kind regards,


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Hey @robvannuenen 

Thanks for your comment! What a great question 😊 

This is something we’ll be looking into. No specific timelines yet. Stay tuned!

@Steven Chang @Yogesh Sharma  thought you may want to hear Rob’s feedback too. 

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Great news @Jennifer Yzelman, love this feature! 🌟 Echoing @robvannuenen here, being able to cluster cards according to tags and colors would be awesome!

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Thanks for the input @Henrik Ståhl ! 

It would be great to be able to cluster cards as well - would add a great feature to Miro.


Hi. I want to use this clustering function but menu does not appear in my miro. Thought this will show when I select multiple sticky notes. Can someone point out possible reasons??

reference link


Hi Kevin - I’ve found the same thing - I have a board where I have already clustered some posit it notes - they’ve been edited and I want to re-cluster them - but the icon to cluster does not appear anymore. Is there any explanation? 

Is there a way to “uncluster” the cluster?

Hi! How can I bring sticky notes back to their original position (before clustering) after I played with them for a while. Is there any option without using Ctrl+Z?