New App: Make The Estimation Process Simpler And More Inclusive

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Hey @Sebastian Burkart do you see it as part of the top panel? [see image attached]


Thanks @Shubangi Sunder  


i was blind / stupid not seeing it there. Thanks a lot




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Of course not @Sebastian Burkart  its a good insight for us into how users search :)

Hi @Kiron Bondale @Kevin Kinisky  @Jasmine Friedrich @Joel Foner @caboh_pm @Matt Donatelli @andy cleff @Christoph Möbius @olivamogar @Reimar 

Hope all of you are having a great start of the week! 

We wanted to ask all of you for a special request: We wanted to get a peek into how you, as a user, are Estimating using Miro 😊 This is to better understand the usage and usability of our app for your requirements.

Would you be interested in share a note or a short screen-recording (like on Loom for eg) with us? 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks a ton!


PS: Incase you think you might know someone else who might be want to share their story, tag them here and we will reach out to them!

Hi @Shubangi Sunder 
just invested some time for getting a better understanding of the Miro capabilities. For us doing Estimations in Miro makes sense, if I can use the data out our operational Azure DEVOPS instance. (As well I would use it for Story Mapping instead of using the next tool) I understand that I need an Enterprise Plan for this. But we are less then 50 Miro users. So we are out. How or where can I vote for enabling the Azure Connectivity for the Business plan? 
Only with this connectivity I can use it and from my point of view I do not see why Miro does not support smaller companies / Startups with this functionionality.


why is it not possible to change the estimate scale? we use 0.5 as well and sometimes we would like to estimate with Tshirt sizes. Am I missing something? 



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Hey @Lorenzo we don’t offer the ability to change the estimation scale today (Fibonacci and t-shirt are the only ones) but I will share feedback with the product team. Thank you!

thank you @Shubangi Sunder, but I'm also not able to switch between Fibonacci and Tshirts, the estimation popup is grayed out. How do you switch to TShitrs?


Also, yes it would be nice to at least be able to add a 0.5, which is quite common in multiple scrum teams.

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Hey @Lorenzo currently if you are estimating linked to Jira (i.e on a Jira Card) then you will not be able to use TShirts as the Miro X Jira integration for Estimations App doesn’t support TShirts yet. You can use it on Miro cards and stickies. I have also passed this feedback to the team. Thank you!

thank you, looking forward on these small improvements so we can stop using jira and having to share screen for refinement :)