Miro Experts profiles are now in Miroverse 👩‍🚀

  • 15 July 2022
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Hello, Miro Experts! 

Showcase your bespoke services alongside your best-in-class templates with a new profile design in Miroverse, exclusively for Miro Experts.



The new Miro Expert profiles, now in Miroverse, bring together the flexibility of a Miroverse profile with the marketing opportunities of a Miro Expert profile — all in one place. You have full control over managing your profile and promoting your services and expertise, making it easy to keep your portfolio up-to-date, connect with the Miro community, and get recognized as a Miro Expert. Learn more.


→ Go to Miroverse to explore the new Miro Experts profiles.

7 replies

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Huge shout out to all of the people shining bright among out Miro Experts,  @rubens@Claudia Manser@Anneline Cachat@Steve McKenna@Tim Höfer@Nairi@Alice Jakins@Sabine Hoffmann@Teo@Don Fontijn@Philip Wallage@MJ Petroni@Lauren Raouf@Justin Mertes@Sara Stojanovski@Barbara Sečko@Alexander Kostadinov@James Lashmar@Rehan Saiyed@Renata McCurley
@Laura Harkins@Eimis Svabas@Philip Mak@estygi@Isman Tanuri@Sander@John Norcross@Daniel Wirtz@Xenia Zürn@Peter Hay@Halina Wojszwillo@Amy Harris@Nicola Flüchter@Dave Johns@Mark Glenn@chrisweier@Hike One@Ahmed Ibrahim@Jonathan White@Amanda Klassen@Ömer Berk Yüksel@Pascal Gugenberger@Johan@razburciu@Joshua William Davies@Joost de Leij@Stephanie Bacquere@Shoko Strang@Flavio Rodrigues@Anne Herron@Mary Carns@Jelena Lazarevic@JoeM@Drew Falkman@Markus Blatt@Jay Melone@Dave de Lange@Joe Caplin@Huub Edelman@Maru Latournerie@Annie@Oguz@Sarah Jückmann@Mykola Slobodian@Iurii Kupriianov@Ivan Borys , @Mariia Kvasnytska@Mykola Shvachka@Kees Froeling@Frankie Kok@Juliet Wong Min@imogenmiro@Stefano Mastrogiacomo@Matthew Anderson
@Katharina Haupt@design@Julia Jackson to name just a few. Let us know what you think of your new Miro Expert profiles. ✨🤩🚀

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Thank you so much, it looks great! Miroverse rocks 🙌

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Love it!  So great to be able to do your own edits!  

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Thank you Kristin and Miro team for the continuous improvement at Miroverse. Agree with Annie that it’s great to able to do our own edits!

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@Frankie Kok @Annie @Maru Latournerie I’m so glad to see you’re so happy with this update 🤗

Looking forward to seeing all the new updates on everyone’s Miro Expert profiles 😍

I’ve already seen some new templates on some of the profiles- so exciting 🎉

@Kristin (and maybe others have an answer), my profile was created before this transition and I am not sure how to access it. My account email never received any access code: https://miro.com/miroverse/profile/enrico-teotti/


Many thanks!

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@Enrico Teotti I’m so sorry I missed your message earlier. Has it all been sorted out for you now?