Grids are now tables – and you can finally merge cells 🥳

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As some of you already noticed grids are now tables in Miro. The new name comes with the updated functionality – you can now merge cells, and copy content from spreadsheets! 

Tables let you have the best of both worlds – we are adding more structure to your visual collaboration, while keeping things flexible:

  • Copy content from spreadsheets, merge cells, and use versatile formatting options to create easy-to-read text tables
  • Add sticky notes, images, files, and more to organize visual content better

Visit Help Center to learn more and let us know what you think about this update in the thread :hugging:

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Both the merging & copying content from spreadsheets are great additions @Lena Shenkarenko ! Is there a plan to get rid of the old table widget from the Charts app?


This is a great feature, but makes the use of adding/deleting/moving of rows and columns impossible. Can you improve this?


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I actually see one MAJOR drawback with this update… hoping that it actually a bug!

Before I could lock a table, but my “guests” could still edit the cells, now when I do it, then they are not able to edit the content. 

So I need to keep the tables unlocked, just ran a PI Planning event with about 120 tables on the board and the tables were ALL OVER THE PLACE. 


Would be great of course if I could also block some cells (like header) from being editable. 


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I also have a real issue with removed ability to edit cells on the locked table. I have a lot of board  templates using that feature and now it looks like I need to rebuild it.cause having table unlocked is not the option (many users new on MIRO  change the position of the table, delete the columns with no intention, generally mess).

I very much appreciate the other features you’ve added (merging cells is great, copying form excell also awesome but the same time you worsen my use experience with no edit possibility on locked table. 

PLEASE RESTORE this feature         

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I am with the contributors above. Great change BUT I need the tables to be editable when locked. It was a major feature of Grids before which is now lost with tables. Please bring it back!

With tables or grids auto resizing they will often grow bigger than the Frame that they are in. I want a frame to find the table on the board. Maybe auto resize Frame? Maybe treat tables as a Frame?

I’m having problems being able to get a column/row resize handle when the table is within a frame.

The table is (and needs to be) set to auto resize, so when people are moving cell contents (e.g. cards) to different cells the columns resize automatically but are often left too wide. I then can’t manually drag the column back to the width I want because no handle appears when I hover over the column boundary, unless I drag the table outside the frame it sits in.

Unlocking the frame or toggling the table cell resizing to manual/auto has no effect

I have a few merged cells in the table if that makes any difference

Any ideas please?

Tables that act closer to spreadsheets is the biggest thing missing from Miro. Almost all my projects and idea workflows include tables to expand upon the visuals. 

It would be nice to be able to set table wide minimum sizes and then let the cells grow based on automatic or manual settings. Right now it seems like I have to make a 1x1 grid manually set my desired size that fits the text I expect, and then expand the table manually. 

Line numbers and headers would be nice. 

This is definitely easier still than the existing table/chart tool.

Cool new tool but a table without a feature to “distribute rows/columns size” is pointless.
Unless I have missed that feature. In that case, I apologize.

Seems like everybody is saying “This is nice, but...” with this new feature. Reasonably descent table functionality for adding table based notes for visual images is the biggest thing preventing me from committing more to Miro and dropping other tools. 

The more I use it I am almost happy enough with it which makes it more frustrating because I want to use it but then it disappoints when trying to deal with formatting. 

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This functionality is a great addition IMO, and I’m hoping you’ll continue to improve upon it.

I immediately made two custom templates we often use that are table-based, and they’ve been great to use.

A few requests, echoing what some others have said, plus a few extras:

  1. Ability to format text size differently within a cell
  2. Ability to lock the content of a cell
  3. Ability to lock the width/size of cells



Guests moving and resizing tables is a nightmare. Especially when they are on a phone and tapping in a small space.

Also, the controls that appear on hover (to right of table) are too easy to accidentally activate because the hover target seems really big. 

Another issue: I use the Jira-Miro integration, which has been very useful but I’ve recently switched from using a Kanban control to the new Table format. But now the ‘convert to jira issue’ option (the three arrows icon) doesn’t appear on cards within a table. I have to move the card out of the table to get the option then move it back.

Whilst that might sound like a minor inconvenience when I have to ask multiple people in a team to do that multiple times, it becomes a further barrier to using Miro as our main tool.

Locking/Unlocking feature changed?


I’m in the middle of a PI planning session. It seemed like the issue of people changing the table and messing up the session had been solved by the locking feature that let only the person who locked the element unlock it. That was a godsend for us. Is that feature gone? I’m now dealing again with people inadvertently unlocking the entire table and changing it for everyone.

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I am really disappointed the lack of respond by Miro here. We have been providing input here and comments for over a month but there is no communication from Miro. Are we being heard? Or are we wasting our time and efforts on posting feedback here in the forum?

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A couple features that we are really really lacking:

  • Ability to resize multiple selected rows or columns simultaneously 
  • Ability to make width or height of selected rows or columns equal

When I place a mind map in a cell in a table, I see the following error message:

“Adding this type of widgets to grid is not supported”. 

This means I need to decide on which Miro feature to use: Mind Maps, or Tables (Grids). Your features are competing against each other.

In the meantime, my work around is to manually link cards to each other in the cells, which is not elegant, but gets the work done.

Otherwise, I support all the other comments here, and recognize that Rome and Miro weren’t built in a day. Great job, Miro!