Diagram as Code: PlantUML and Mermaid-Js

  • 5 September 2022
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Hello Community,


We’re excited to announce that you can now create diagrams using code with Mermaid and PlantUML apps right in Miro. 


With these apps you can automate the process of generating complex diagrams with a simple text language — so you don’t have to worry about design and layout.

  • No need to align diagrams or manually update designs — design and layout are automatically applied

  • Copy your diagram code from other sources like GitHub or Notion to automatically re-create your diagram in Miro

  • Visit the Marketplace to install Mermaid and PlantUML 

  • Note, in this first version code will generate an image. We’re curious to hear your feedback and input for the next version

Visit our Help Center to learn more:

Share your ideas or work with the Miro Community and inspire others.

Happy Diagramming,


5 replies

Hi Turner, Thank you for the details. this is amazing to get PlantUML support in Miro. 

Is there any way I can modify a plantUML diagram after it has been added to the board.

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Hi Arijt, thank you for your feedback. In this first version that’s not yet possible. But we’re taking in feedback from the Community, so glad you mentioned this!



Thanks Turner for the details. Will the code be available in any repo to go through?

Would love to have the ability to export diagrams from Miro to Mermaid code so we can backup some of our important diagrams and version them.

But awesome work!

Would be great if the code/syntax was kept, and could edited on the board, updating the image on the fly.

Would really help with collaborating around problems/ideas.

Great start though! 👍🏻