Shameless plug for my new Miro plugin CarbonCopy

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Thank you, Markus! Amazing news - I’ll be able to repair our templates next week. 

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I’ve sorted out the privacy policy and pinged Miro, hope to hear early next week that CarbonCopy is back on the marketplace.

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I feel like I’m missing out and want to get that notification when it goes back online ;)

Thanks @Markus Smet! Your plugin is incredible and became a cornerstone for all my Miro templates. I almost lost it when I thought it was eradicated, and am relieved that is not the case. Enjoy your holiday and I look forward to seeing it back on the market.

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Hi 👋 

Sorry that the plug-in stopped working, I think I need to complete the privacy notice hence it was taken down.

I’ve been on holiday and will sort this out early next week, then ping you here.


@Markus Smet, likewise! It became extremely useful, and now I’ve lost all functionality.

@Markus Smet I’d also really like to get an update on Carbon Copy and if it will be added back to the marketplace.



Hi @Markus Smet.
I noticed today the Carbon Copy is no longer functional or available o on Miro.
Has something happened? Do you know if it’s likely to return?

Any updates you’re able to provide would be appreciated.

Thanks for sharing!  I am new to Miro but this is a feature I would have wanted to know about for keeping tabs on many spread out projects details that are all spread out but being able to consolidate to a compact dashboard in a different area.

If you dont mind me asking, where did you find resources on the API to create your own widgets?  I have some ideas I would like to dabble with as well.

Great Job!

...Thanks for replying - I try and work out why it is not showing even though we have it installed and authorised for a Team.  Probably something I’m doing!  Thanks again.

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Hi @MarkR 

Yes, you should be able to see the icons to start sync’ing the widget inside the selected widget’s context menu (where you can change the font size, colours etc.). I think it’s outlined in the videos for the plugin.

@Markus Smet - looks really good.  I’ve installed it and associated it with a team...should I not see it on the idea/item corresponding horizontal options bar (font, colour, alignment etc)?  as in choosing something on the screen like a note and see a new sync option? I’ve reinstalled and checked the team is correct….

Thank you very much it’s a really a great plugin! I highly appreciate all your efforts. This plugin makes working with miro so much more efficient.

@Markus Smet, thanks for sharing and really a great plugin! Just one question, do you think you could add the functionality of multiple boards? eg. Board 1 has post and board 2 to has the synched post it? 

Thanks again!


Danny van Kent


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@Markus Smet, thank you for sharing! Looks really cool :thumbsup_tone2: