Has anyone tried Planning Poker in Miro?

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@Katrina Starkweather -

Once it is installed, it should show up when you click on the “...” menu at the bottom of the left toolbar. From there, you can drag it into the toolbar itself for regular use.


@Kiron Bondale Thank you for jumping in to help me!

I did install it. So, I would expect to see it as an option when I select the “...”. However, when I click on the “...” menu, I get a pop-up (see below). It is not listed. And I see no method to drag it into the toolbar. More Ideas? Thoughts?


I need the admin in our organization to approve the app, but they won’t do it until Miro and privacy has given more detailed information what kind of information gets access to. 

I requested this for over a month ago. Anyone else experiencing the same issue or that can provide more information? 

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@Måns Klevar -

Did you open a support ticket for this info request? 


@Kiron Bondale Yes our IT support has sent in a request to Miro support about more information on this specific app. 



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While the planning poker app was interesting to use at first, it appears there hasn’t been any updates to it. Wonder if the vendor is making any updates to improve it any time soon.

Hi everybody, my first time in the community today. I would like to know whether there is a bug with the playing of the cards. Once I pick the card, I can’t release the card with my mouse. no right, no left click enables me to put the card in a table for example.

Any idea about the reason? By the way: I am the owner of the board.

Thanks a lot @Kiron Bondale . You are right, with Google Chrome it’s functional (not with Firefox).