Building my Bullet Journal within Miro

  • 28 March 2020
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I’m taking the time to create my BUJO in Miro. 
I’m a visual person and miss having things laid out infront of me. 
My tiny bedroom studio in Belgium has shrunk my useable space for work planning. 
I miss my big wall, I miss my studio. 
Miro solved my problem by allowing me to spread out and take the space i need to create my mental maps. 

4 replies

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I’ve built in an index, my current jobs, my planning, a calendar, all linked up with various sections. 
Its’ the layout I would have always loved but can now use so easily. 

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Sounds great, @Sam Shennan

What tools / templates did you use? Do you think you can share how it looks? We would love to see this!
You can even embed the board here - three dots > Embed media > insert Miro board URL. Make sure there’s no any sensitive data.

By the way, I will move your topic to a Community Stories category. 

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I used the templates of the Agile Board to keep my tasks moving along. 
I used the Command + K shortcut to link Frames to my Index Frame. 
I’ll Build out a better jobs management. 
I made a calendar in Illustrator for the longer term planning section. 
I’m building a Corona SWOT analysis too so I don’t go bust during the lockdown. 
I’ve used external links to link to courses I’m doing. 

It’s been great to have an overview of everything in one place. 
It’s better than rifling through the pages of my book, and while I’m at home everyday I can look into it very easily. 

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Hi Sam,


whooo that is a board and you included everything into it which I can imagine.

Have you tried the KanBan tool?
I think it could help you to drag an drop finished elements into a region and it gives you motivation, when something is done.

I enjoy, when I have more time, to add different graphics or pictures into it so I reward myself with a kind of eyecandy.

I like to work with the iconfinder or the unsplashtool:


Enjoy your work