User profile setting to turn off kindergarten mode

Personally, I find it very annoying when Miro constantly shows popups or tutorials about whatever’s “new” (or slightly tweaked) when I open a board, and I have to dismiss all the popups in order to actually do what I came to the board to do.

I’d like a user profile setting to be able to turn off these kinds of “what’s new” notifications/popups/tutorials/highlights. If I need a feature, I’m capable of discovering it on my own when I look for it, but I don’t find it helpful or pleasant to have features I don’t need right now constantly being shown to me when I’m trying to get work done.


In fact my general feedback for this product, as a fairly new user, is that the constant little popups and banners and notifications are exhausting.

I just want to open up the software and use it.

  • Many people who use Miro aren’t in it for the culture, nor because they’re collaboration/workflow/PM professionals; they use it because it’s a tool. I don’t know why Miro would push an invite to a conference to all users in a banner in the home interface. This would be like Cash App inviting me to a conference on the future of fin-tech when I’m just trying to send my friend $20.
  • I’m interested about what’s new in every update, but not curious enough to need a pop-up notification about it. Better to put it in a little changelog tab and I’ll look at it when I feel like it.
  • Cloud-based software is great in that you can jump around to different machines to use it. But judging by the repeated “naviation mode” overlays and tutorial prompts, it doesn’t seem like Miro is detecting when I’ve already gone through those lessons on a past machine/session. It’s now become an routine ritual that I expect to close a zillion little overlays every time I fire up Miro in a different place.
  • I think the auto-detection of user input (navigation) creates a worse experience than requiring someone to set it manually, especially because it adds another overlay.
  • “How would you rate this software?” is yet another pop-up to add to the pile.

All told, there’s technically the potential to open up Miro and be faced with five different overlays to click out of within one session. To me that’s not ideal.


@c32hedge & @mspncr :

One question - What plan are you on?

Free / Team / Business / Enterprise / Consultant ?



Miro is, by far, the most “pushy” native app I’ve used in this respect.

When I launch Miro I just want to dig into my work, not click away a bunch of pop-ups and notifications (or notifications about turning off notifications!).

I can see why it would make sense to give new users an interactive overview of how the app works. But as an experienced user I prefer to go find help when I need it.

I’ve upvoted being able to turn these off, for those of us with ADHD it’s killer! I have to close out the app and log back in each time. It’s borderline unusable and I am looking for an alternative.