Snap to grid

Just for starters, I’m a bit maniac and I like things to be aligned and even.

I mostly use Miro to create game design systems (UX flow, tech trees, level layouts...). Those can be pretty complex with hundreds of items but the ease of use, the simple shortcuts and the minimalistic UI of MIRO allow me to seamlessly materialize my ideas without friction.

Yet, something bothers me a lot, I can’t snap objects to the grid which means that in order to keep my stuff nice and clear to present to my colleagues I have to manually create a grid with boxes.

This process is tedious and suboptimal and I’d really love an option to snap objects to grid (whether it is their corners or their center I don’t really care).

Thanks for making my life easier with a great tool!

Hi @Ouroboros, thanks for sharing your use case!

I just wanted to make sure you already use the Snap objects feature. Right-click the canvas to open this menu on the board:


Yes, I already use Snap Objects but it doesn’t snap to the grid, only to other objects on screen which doesn’t work in all cases.


What I do is that I create a fake grid with boxes so I can simulate grid snapping thanks to “snap objects”. This is suboptimal but it’s my workaround.



I second this notion; please create snap to grid option. I’m a new user to this cloud app but not to design apps, and most have snap to grid.

I’m also really interested in this question.

I just started experimenting with Miro and tried to make a simple canvas. I wanted to have tow rectangles share an edge, so tried to use ‘snap to grid’. It really didn’t work the way I expected it to. 



I’m a bit confused as to what the intention of this feature actually is. It seems to just lock objects in place and prevent them from being moved but still allows free resizing without snapping.

Also confused by this - I have Snap Objects turned on, but nothing seems to snap to the grid. It would be very helpful to snap shapes to the grid so I can create orderly layouts.

Love the idea of creating your own snapping grid with mini-boxes above and to the left… going to use that in the meantime.

I also find the lack of snap to grid quite painful.  It’s a big gap, imo.  

Snap to grid!!! Please implement!!

The current “snap to grid” should be renamed “snap to object”

I turn Snap off and everything still snaps to predetermined locations.  Is there a way to place items where I want them, instead of the software telling me where it “should” go? 


I want a section of a frame to be for stickies and another section for a narrative.  If one frame has fewer stickies the narrative doesn’t line up and it looks terrible.  

yes please ! 

@Ouroboros Another workaround I found after reading your post is to use a one-row or one-column table grid, resizing it to for instance the borders of a frame, so you won’t have the “rulers” on your page. Neat: it’s easy to add a cell & resize to change the divisions or add a ruler (though I never find how to remove a cell?!). Not so neat: objects align to the center of the cell, not to its outlines ...

Yeah, I’m honestly quite confused about what the point of the grid is if you can’t snap to it. I can always get straight lines by clicking shift, I guess.

I am for a proper snap to grid functionality with the option to customise the size of the grid too.

Any chance to see it implemented anytime soon? It would be a really great feature that allows to keep diagrams tidy and clean.

Snap to grid, yes please ! 

Yes I too would really value snap to grid! Thanks :) 

How is this not the first thing you implement? Come on.

Big +1. Would make diagrams so much more organized!

Mirro cannot snap objects to a grid and objects cannot have multiple magnet points  - this make Miro completely unsable for me

+1 I feel terrible when I cannot align things too 

It is really amazing the lack of response from the Miro team for the most requested features.

Snap to Grid, Layers, Interactivity….these topics come up weekly on these forums and actually prevents teams from adopting Miro wholesale.

I’m surprised this wasn’t one of the first features that would have been implemented. Snapping to a grid and being able to modify the resolution of the grid is a fairly common feature in applications like this and is very useful when creating proportionate objects.

Please implement!

Yes! Definitely something that consumes more time than necessary for me!

It’s really a pain for an OCD like me. Please let us know roughly it will be implemented. Thanks.

Yes, “Snap to grid” is a must have for an app like this.

Yes please.

We’re tempted to use this for our business “design/brainstorming” sessions, but having the lack of any kind of snapping to grid (especially when trying to create UI’s) is kinda frustrating.