Integration Request: Miro and Linear

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Miro is a fantastic tool that allows for the management of a wide range of information all on one board.

However, I have a concern. While Miro integrates seamlessly with renowned Projects & Tasks management tools like, ClickUP, and Jira, I'm puzzled as to why there isn't an integration with Linear.

I strongly hope for an integration with Linear, which is known for its engineer-first approach.

Same here, would be nice to be able to link to issues, mention issues in comments

Our team uses Linear and would greatly benefit from having a strong integration between Miro and Linear. Here’s an example from Figjam 

We are using Linear to manage all our company development. Would be great to be able to pull these Linear issues to Miro board and visualize product roadmaps etc.

Yes indeed this would be a super helpful integration. Would convince me to purchase licenses for the rest of my development team.

same here, it would be great to have Linear cards feature

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment about this feature. We appreciate your patience. Our team is reviewing this idea as it continues to be open for votes and comments.


For those coming across this idea, if you feel this would be helpful for you or your business, please be sure to vote for it and leave a comment about your use case to help our team scope this request!


Thank you,

Miro Community Team

I really would like this feature. I’ve used Whimsical and liked their Linear integration:


I’ve finally convinced my team to purchase a calendar/todo list product when they integrated Linear 2 weeks ago. With a Linear integration, Miro would be an easy sell.