Improved .yaml color coding on Code Block

I’m enjoying the new Miro code block option! It’s definitely a visual improvement over my current solution, which is a Text object plus this code highlighter plugin:


My main issue with the code block is that it doesn’t seem to do color highlighting as well, or at least not for the code snippets I’m testing it on. Here’s a side-by-side of the same text using the code highlighter plugin and the Miro code block.


In both cases I’ve set them to “JavaScript”, while the actual script is .yaml. So it may just be that I’d need .yaml added to the language list and then my configs would get color-coded properly. Although I’m not sure why it works better in the plugin when set to JavaScript. 


GreenAsh code highlighter vs. Miro code block



Please and thank you for adding syntax highlighting support for PHP, YAML and XML.

YAML is the best format to structure text and talk to AI - please add support, it is so IMPORTANT!

Please add YAML and Terraform (HCL) highlighting!