Disable "Let's start!" - Welcome message


several times I had problems in the workflow with clients as they had seen the Welcome splash


You’ve got to know that I explain how they should use what either in my coachings or in my classes.

For me it is always frustrating and it costs time​ because my clients always asking:

What should I do now …

And some of them clicked “Let’s start!” 

But they should not.

So please:
Could you set an option, where I have to decide if my client should see this or not.



I agree, this and other pop-ups feel invasive and I faced issues with them being unresponsive when I tried to close them. This should be a feature that can be disabled for live events.

Hi @Julia Hoover 

even worse is it when you work with children in school.

Wondering if the educational licenses got this … :thinking:

In a facebook community with over 10.000 teacher members this kicked miro out of the competition to other tools :disappointed_relieved:


Agree - first thing I tell participants is to click on “No, thanks” as the linked tutorial explains all the stuff I don’t use.