Different permissions for different frames?

I’d like the ability to set different permission levels for different frames. For example -- create a presentation with some whiteboard frames for breakout groups during the presentation, and then give participants full edit permissions on the whiteboard frames while having only commenting permissions on the slides. 

I’ve experimented with workarounds for this using the “Lock” feature. You can lock some frames but not others, but all locking seems to do is prevent someone from moving or resizing an item. If a user has edit permissions for the board, then locking a frame still allows them to draw on it. Conversely if I set board permissions to comment-only, then there’s no way I can see to allow users to draw or add sticky notes to part of it.  

Maybe the solution is to give some more gradations to what “locking” does? Like there’s a “full lock” mode which prevents any movement or additions to a frame, “move-only” locking that allows editing but not movement, etc.? 

Interesting idea! Having some sort of “access settings” in frames could be a good approach. Like, just adding “Settings” in the frames menu. Could potentially even include the possibility of hiding the content within a frame completely from some but not others! That would be a great addition to the different Miro games being created. 😊


I work in medical research and many features are reviewed and approved by a compliance board. Our Miro board serves as a source of truth for approved workflows but different people own different features. Each feature has its own frame within a single board. There is also a frame on the board that organizes the overall system architecture and links out to all the features within the board. 


What I am trying to do

I would like to be able to maintain overall ownership of the board and also manage permissions at the frame level.


Potential workaround

Without frame level ownership, we may use an individual board for each feature. With this route though it is not possible to see the bird’s eye view over the entire system architecture in a single view.

I work with Meag and can second the need for this feature. In our use case, it would be helpful to prevent editing by other team members on frames that are final but allow editing and commenting on the frames that contain work in progress. When we need to revisit the “final” frames, only those with the right permissions could unlock those frames for editing.