Add a button for Clearing the Entire Board

Very simple : add a button for Clearing the Entire Board

The board can pan and zoom so it becomes messy after a while with things “forgotten” on it.

The board could be easily cleared in the middle of a presentation in order to quickly present a different idea.

Please add the button now. If you need help with HTML coding for an Action to Clear everytjing let us know. Thanks,

Hi @Adrian Bruder 

Welcome to the Miro Online Community!

I think it will be useful! but in meanwhile

try this

  1. Select all of the objects in your template (Shift + click-and-drag):
  2. Now open the Frames side bar and select (click/tap) one frame:
  3. Now you can click-and-drag the objects off of the frames:
  4. And finally, select all Frames (shift + click-and-drag) and press the delete key (or use the menu dots)!

For more info:

Thanks. I know this. I badly need ( and so do others) a Clear Board button. It's not difficult FGS. Why 4 steps when One can do the trick ???

@Adrian Bruder - While it would not be difficult, it clearly has lower priority.

Let’s say this action did exist. There’s no guarantee this action would be a “button” that is always present, e.g., it could be in the right-click context or an action in the board settings (currently to the right of the Share button).

For the sake of this example, I am going to make the assumption that it would not be present at all times (only more commonly used actions should be given this level of visibility).

Therefore, the following steps would need to occur before the board was cleared:

  1. A mouse click action to expose the option
  2. execute the “clear board” action
  3. confirm the action.

Now let’s look at how quickly we can do this as of this reply.

Two scenarios:

  1. There are locked objects on the board
  2. there are no locked objects on the board

#1 - Locked objects on the board

  1. Right-click on
  2. select Unlock all
  3. Ctrl/Cmd+A to select all objects
  4. press delete
  5. confirm delete

#2 - No locked objects on the board

  1. Ctrl/Cmd+A to select all objects
  2. press delete
  3. confirm delete

If there are no locked objects, this can be done with three user actions - and they can be done with keystrokes, which, if you are comfortable with keyboard shortcuts, this would be quicker than using a mouse.

There are many assumptions made with example - who locked the objects, who is trying to delete everything on the board, etc.

Just some food for thought.

By the way, @Adrian Bruder - you should vote for your own idea :wink:

On a related note, if there are 100+ objects on the board and you use Ctrl/Cmd+A to select all objects, then Miro prompts for confirmation of deletion. However, if you were to select the all objects on the board with a Shift+drag, there is no confirmation. 

I came over from AWW App where I could free-drag an area on the board and everything inside that area was removed. It was very useful.

(Otherwise I’m happy with Miro so far.)

Yes, I second this feature request. I hope we’re talking about the same thing (just a difference between clearing an entire board and clearing selected objects).

I often need to clear data in Sticky Notes (for example). It would be great if you could select these objects (via a click+drag selection over multiple objects or multi-select via ctrl/shift selection) and in the toolbar that floats on the screen above your selection, in the t...] menu, an action appears to “Clear Data.”

@riothegreatdane I think @Adrian Bruder was referring to deleting everything on the board. And for that use case, why not simply use cmd+a (or ctrl+a) to mark all objects and then hit backspace/delete? :thinking:

But your idea about clearing data is really interesting. Just a question: How would you define “data” in this case? Are you rather referring to clearing text, or do you include stuff like colors, borders etc?

@Henrik Ståhl Great question! When I find that I need to use this function, it is to “reset” the collaborative objects (sticky notes, cards, shapes used for flow charts that have text inside them)--sometimes right there in the meeting. The formatting of the shapes and visual elements on the board would stay in tact.

The idea here is to simply clear the data (text, tags, assignees, possibly even comments?). The color, size, position and any other formatting of the actual shape/object would remain unchanged. Simply, the data would be cleared so the template can be used for the next iteration of collaboration.

Of course, Templates can be a workaround here. But I find myself frequently just trying to clear data out of cards/sticky notes (instead of deleting them and creating new ones to then have to reformat them).

@riothegreatdane Yeah, clearing data is a part-time job sometimes. 😅 Let's hope more people finds this great idea and upvotes it! 💪

I’m on tablet, how to clear all? I can’t cmd+a. any solution to this? thanks