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Miro Billing FAQ

  • 31 March 2021
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Miro Billing FAQ
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Hi Miro Heroes! 

Understanding how billing works is essential for organizing your workflow with Miro! Here we collected the most popular billing-related questions - from upgrading your team to cancelling the subscription. Follow the links below to find answers and guides shared in Miro Help Center.


:mag: Before upgrading your plan, you may come across the following questions:


:bulb: If you’re already a paying customer, check out the links to learn more about managing your subscription:


:lock: Would like to pause your subscription and get back to your Miro boards later? Here’s what you may need to know:

1 reply




I need #HELP #ASAP. Please contact me!!! 

We recently let go the person who set up our corporate MIRO account and now we are having serious problems figuring out exactly what was paid for, how to de reduce our membership AND why we continue to be billed MONTHLY (since he technically joined with an ANNUAL PAYMENT). 


In anycase, today trying to switch our account to annual invoicing, I ended upgrading our membership (10 members), when we only need 3, máximum 4. When I realized my mistake I tried to go back and was unable to do it. I will not allow me to switch back from annual invoicing to regular monthly payment. 

I would like to chat with customer service ASAP.