Migrating to the "Developer Platform 2.0"

  • 23 January 2024
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I was sent an email that states “Since you have one or more apps on the v1 Developer Platform, we encourage you to migrate your app as soon as possible” but as far as I know I am not using any v1 API (except https://api.miro.com/v1/oauth-token) so I do not understand what is meant.

I do not use any SDK, just raw API calls.  The documentation is not at all clear so I’d appreciate any clarification on how I can determine if I do still have anything on the v1 platform.

1 reply

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Hi @Bob Butler, sorry for the confusion.

Since you are only using the v1 /oauth-token endpoint, you will not be affected as the OAuth2.0 endpoint, specifically, is not part of the required migration to V2. We will clarify this in future communications. No need to take any action on your end.

We’ve updated our migration guide to show this note at the top. 

Thank you for reaching out!