Does any know how to export miro board as any structure with information about objects on it?

  • 9 June 2020
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Hey guys. 

I have a tree in my miro board. Structure is simple: 
nodes are text, connection between - arrows. 
I know that there is option to export information as csv but this is works only for text. 
Is any ability to export informations about arrows(connections)? (any structure) 

Many thanks

2 replies

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@Georgiy Efremov -

Short of creating a new export using the API, exporting a board in PDF format and “hacking” the PDF code or figuring out how to reverse engineer the RTB binary format used for board backups, I can’t think of a way to do this.

Might be a good wish-list topic ( but remember to include a detailed use case explaining how such an enhancement would be useful to increase the likelihood of getting votes…



I support this problem - exporting unstructured data with CSV does not make big sense. Once ou do it, you are left with a pure set of elements. The biggest advantage of Miro is making data relevant and significant, and you do it by linking elements.