Documentation/Type support - board.get() for connectors

  • 9 November 2022
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Nice to finally see the addition of connectors to the SDK (though the change from “Feature request” to “Done” on the roadmap was a little swift and unexpected).  

To get to the point though: I  see that


is actually implemented - I can use it in the dev console for example to get only connectors.  

But it would seem that the types package- & the documentation are not up to date with this fact?  


So this right here produces a compiler error (although an easy workaround is to just cast it).

4 replies

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Hi @aurech! Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve been able to reproduce it on my end too. 

I’ve raised it with the team and we have an open ticket for it now. I think it should be a quick fix, so hopefully we can release a fix soon!

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Hey, got another one that fits in this topic: Notifications don’t seem to be properly incorporated in the types either.


With the latest types, 

"@mirohq/websdk-types": "^2.4.0"

this does work, but the compiler is confused.

There’s just no notifications property on the board interface it would seem.


Additionally, the documentation mentions this constructor for the Notifications class, which I don’t get - why would one instantiate a notification object? All the API we have are the three show-methods, there’s no use-case for any object? -  and also doesn’t seem to be represented in the SDK type definitions, where we only have an interface with said methods (which makes sense in my opinion).


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Hi @aurech,

Thank you for your message and for reporting also this bug! And apologies for the inconvenience!

I'm logging a bug-fix ticket with the team, so that we can address it.

Thank you again for being vocal about the bugs you encounter!

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Hello @aurech


We just received an update about this and from what we see, updating your @mirohq/websdk-types package to the current version, 2.9.0, should resolve this problem. Can you please try this out and let us know?

Thanks and have a good one.