Documentation/Type support - board.get() for connectors

  • 9 November 2022
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Nice to finally see the addition of connectors to the SDK (though the change from “Feature request” to “Done” on the roadmap was a little swift and unexpected).  

To get to the point though: I  see that


is actually implemented - I can use it in the dev console for example to get only connectors.  

But it would seem that the types package- & the documentation are not up to date with this fact?  


So this right here produces a compiler error (although an easy workaround is to just cast it).

1 reply

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Hi @aurech! Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve been able to reproduce it on my end too. 

I’ve raised it with the team and we have an open ticket for it now. I think it should be a quick fix, so hopefully we can release a fix soon!