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  • 8 June 2020
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We are on a consulting plan and create a team for every client we work with. We recently put a lot of effort into creating miro templates for all our tools to realize that we have to add these to every team separately. This is not only a lot of unnecessary work every team we add a new client, it also means that we can’t change our templates centrally.

The current workaround - copy pasting templates from our company team into boards for client teams -is time consuming and creates a lot of clutter in the form on unused boards on our company team.

The feature to make this accessible across team accounts already exist on the enterprise plan. Given the nature of most organizations that are on the consulting plan it would make a lot of sense to add it to the consulting plan as well!


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2 replies

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@nick bogaert -

There’s a much easier option than copying and pasting template content between teams which we use that also provides some data resilience, namely backing up and restoring template boards.

We have a project in our company team where we build boards and once one is ready to be used in client teams, we back it up to an external RTB file and then restore it into the client team. 


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Hi @nick bogaert & @Kiron Bondale 

UPDATE: Exciting news 🎉 Starting today, everyone on our Consultant plan will have the ability to create company templates, and share them across their teams. 

Visit Help Center to get into the specifics and let us know what you think in the announcement post. 


P.s – Please keep the feedback coming and continue to share your ideas via the wishlist. The wishlist helps our support and product teams track interest for this feature so we really appreciate it!