Why can't I see a board I created in the Desktop app online?

  • 9 June 2020
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I created a project and a board using the Desktop app, but I cannot see it through the online interface.

Actually, this seems to work both ways - I also can’t see a project/board I created online through the Desktop app.

How can I see all my projects in both places?


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4 replies

I know this is an old thread but I recently had this same issue, except the other way around.

I had a few boards that I had been invited to on web. Eventually decided to get the macOS desktop app, and when I logged in, only the boards I had made were visible to me. It was not at all intuitive for me to access boards shared with me from the app. In the end, I had to manually open all of the boards shared with me in my browser, whereupon I was prompted to load them in the app.

Not the end of the world, but it would be a lot better if they auto-populated. If I had a ton of boards this would have been a real pain.

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@Jess -

the easiest way to move boards between teams is to do a backup in the original team to an RTB file and then restore it in the new team.


Hi Marina,

Yes, it seems I have made the board in the wrong team, which is why it didn’t appear where I expected it.

I’ll be posting a new question soon about how to move boards between teams, if that is possible!

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Hi @Jess,

Can you please check if you are logged in under the same email address in both web version and Desktop app?

If yes, maybe you look at two different teams? You can switch between your teams by clicking the icons in the left-side panel on the dashboard:


Please let us know if this helps!