Using right click to move around the board

  • 10 March 2023
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Hi, whenever I use the right-click to move around the board on my windows laptop, I get a menu pop-up. It’s really annoying to go through this each time, as I don’t need that menu. I know I’m not doing anything wrong as I have used this functionality in the past without any trouble. It’s very frustrating to navigate around a board without it being smooth. 


Anyone else experiencing this?

5 replies

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@Salman Sharif - What menu do you get?

Are you using a mouse, trackpad, or some other input device?

It’s the one you get when you right click (see attached image). I’m using a bluetooth mouse on a windows 10 laptop. 

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@Salman Sharif - Thanks for sharing the screenshot. Now we know what pop up you are seeing (the one when you right-click on a blank spot on the board). This distinction is important as sometines people use huge, colored (and locked) shapes as a means of giving the board a background color. Then, sometimes when moving around the board/over the locked shape, they get the context menu of the locked shape. 

How are you accessing Miro? A browser? If so, which one? Or maybe the Miro desktop app?

If a browser, have you tried another browser?

Are you able try another computer?

When did this start happening?

Thanks Robert. 


I’m accessing through Google Chrome. Have tried Edge as well just now - same problem. I don’t think my org allows us to download the desktop app, so that’s not an option unfortunately. It started happening probably about 2-3 months ago - hard to remember, sorry! 

It seems to happen more often on boards that I have created. I tried boards created by others - they seem to create less of an issue. 

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@Salman Sharif - If you are currently in “Auto switch “ navigation mode, you could try forcing mouse mode and see if that changes the behaviour at all:

Coincidentally, I just noticed that, if I right-click and hold for 1-2 seconds and then drag, I am in select mode and not pan.