[RESOLVED] Wrong order of the frames in "Best Quality" PDF export

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Hi, we are also still experiencing this or similar issue. ​​I’m on Google chrome 110.0.5481.104 with all our frames organized in the right order in the sidebar.

  • Whenever we drag-select anything with a larger amount of frames (sometimes from 12, 15 or 24), filter out the frames and export in the best quality, the order is completely jumbled up.
  • We only have larger amount of frames and always export in best quality so this occurs practically every time
  • The only thing that works is painstakingly selecting each frame in the correct order. 

This is currently our single biggest problem with Miro together with the export settings for pdf’s resulting in either potato quality or uncompressed 2gb files.

Same issue for me too…

  • frames (12) are in order on the Frames list
  • small file size: correct order
  • best quality: wrong order

If i reboot Miro and try again, the order changes

I’m using the Windows app with an Enterprise account.

I should’ve just done my preso in PowerPoint!!! Need to export and share!!!

This seems to be a long standing issue. I have a report that is 36 pages long and each frame was created sequentially and kept in order… The frames appear in the correct order in the frames tool. Frame 1 first, Frame 2 second etc etc… all is in order… when I go to ‘present’ mode they all appear in the correct order. When I go to do a high quality PDF… JUMBLED!! Aghhhhh No good at all.

I really wished that I had known about this, apparently well known, bug before using Miro to facilitate the workshop. The export of the participants frames and my own frames are totally mixed up.