Q+A Thread: Inactive Teams Deletion

  • 10 January 2023
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Just received a 30-day warning, but I can confirm that I only belong to one team and we use Miro on an almost weekly basis. Regardless, I clicked the link in the email in hopes that my activity will be registered and our boards will not be deleted. Should I expect any sort of confirmation that we’re no longer in danger of losing our boards?

Hi, I received the email “final notice” 30-day notification that my team hasn’t been used but that is untrue. 

I have been actively using and sharing out the board that I’ve been making updates to. 

Can a Miro team member confirm that my team and board will not be deleted? Thank you.

Hi, my board is locked because my account is paused.  I very much would like to use this board. How can it be unlocked?

@Manouska I’ve also received a 30-day warning yesterday, although I’ve created and used a new board in the allegedly “inactive” team just this month! I clicked the link in the email hoping that my activity will be noted and my boards will not be deleted. I cannot believe that I need to be afraid that my boards will be deleted permanently and irretrievably?! The miro team really needs to look into this cause it’s quite obvious that there is an error either in the notification system or a bug in the statistics regarding which boards/teams are active.


I received the email that inactive Team(s) on Miro will be deleted.

I do use the team that was mentioned regularly, so this email worries me.

Can a Miro team member confirm that my boards will not be deleted?

Thank you!

Dear All,

Im a FREE member.

I have 3 boards, I have 1 team and no team members.

I using my boards on a regular basis, is this mean my boards will be deleted? 

Hi @Manouska,

I seem the have the same issue as many in this thread: the team you have e-mailed me about actually has had activity in the last month (March 2023). I double checked the team-name mentioned in your e-mail, and I have also just gone in to check and see that the boards do show that they were modified last week.

Is there any way you can confirm that my team and boards won’t be deleted? (Because the e-mail states that there won’t be any further warning e-mails).

@Manouska @Tibo @Robert Johnson Replying to this thread again to see if there is some response and resolution.

I’m the member of only one team.

I’m the only one in my org receiving the emails about “Inactive Free Team At Risk Of Deletion”.

I actively use Miro and actively use the board that created and add to on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.

I am signed in and using the board. 

How do I prevent losing the board?

Hello good morning

I just received it in my email but i think it is a mistake because Im not a Miro inactive user, can you please double check my account, please