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  • 3 April 2024
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i am trying to sort my boards, but im missing that drop down.  i have an educator’s account.  how do i get that to appear so i can sort by starred boards?




Best answer by Robert Johnson 19 April 2024, 20:25

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2 replies

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@tmwsiy11 - When I see the light gray bar at the top of your screenshot, this suggests that you are using the Miro desktop app. If you are, I would suggest that you try resetting the application data:

If you are using a browser, I would suggest that you try:

  1. Clearing your cache
  2. Signing out and back in
  3. Disabling all browser extensions (using an Incognito/private browser window usually accomplishes this).
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@tmwsiy11 - Update: I think I found the only scenario in which the “Sort by” filter is hidden (and which cannot be confirmed by your screenshot, as it is only a partial screenshot): When on the “Recent boards” page, the Sort by filter is hidden - this is likely due to the view amalgamating boards from multiple teams; a view that loses the context of the board’s status (last opened when, by who, created by who (a security consideration when viewing a board from a team that you are not a member of...)):

@tmwsiy11 - Do let me know if this still happens to you, even when not on the “Recent boards” page.