Miro doesn't work: black screen

  • 5 August 2020
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Hi everyone,I really need your help)))I have 3 free boards(for 3 different students) on Miro .I`ve worked with them for some time and everything was Ok. 

But one of the boards stopped working)It can`t be loaded.Just a black screen .But all control panels are avaliable.The board can`t be moved left-right or scaled.I cant`t load any pics on the board or add text...

Another two boards still working as usual (


6 replies

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@Tatiana Andreevna -

Have you tried accessing it from a different device (e.g. if you normally access Miro from a browser, tried it from the desktop app)?

As you are on a free plan, you can’t make a backup of your board and restore that, so the only other idea I have is can you do a Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C and then paste the content temporarily into a working board, delete the “bad” board, and create a new one and paste the content back?


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Or just pay for a month and then see if duplicating the board will work? It will probably be cheaper just to pay $10 than have to start from scratch? 

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I am a paid user and the black screen is also appearing see below. It was happening when running a workshop. Logged out and in to refresh adn worked but kept happening throughout for multiple users. What is causing this as never happened before and been using teh product for months and love it



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@Matthew Anderson - Perhaps Miro is experimenting with a Dark Mode (kind of joking, but kind of not).

When this happened in your workshop, was it for all users or just you?

The original poster also mentioned that it "can't be loaded. Just a black screen". I see collaborators' cursors in your screenshot. Were they still moving around when this happened or was the board frozen?

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@Matthew Anderson - I joke about “dark mode” and then I see this post today on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6716710168354181120/

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I asked the board author and his black background. Their response: