Is there any way to import boards from Mural?

  • 29 May 2020
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Is there any way to import boards from Mural into Miro? Interested in switching/ migrating from Mural to Miro, but have been using Mural for a while and would obviously like to keep that work. Has anyone made the switch? Any other advice?


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Hi @Andrew Constable not that we know of. From colleagues who are running both Mural and Miro (for back up for instance), they are re-creating templates/elements in either Mural or Miro as there's no "template transfer" option.


it’s a shame that you can’t transfer. It’s just as a back up and also certain organisations prefer Miro due to enhanced security etc. 

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@Deuce Cruse -

While it might be possible to import some of the text content or use copy & paste to migrate some images, unless there is a common export/import file format between the two platforms, this wouldn’t be possible. 

It would be a good competitive advantage for Miro to provide such a migration capability to incent existing Mural users to switch platforms so I’d suggest adding it as a Wish List topic here:


I added a wish list topic. Please upvote :D

Quick Google pulled this up:

Appears to be a Mural / Miro migration tool and/or board migration services.