How do I sign up for an Education Plan?

  • 7 June 2021
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how do i sign up for an education license


9 replies

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@Peter VanderPoel -

You can complete the form here:


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@Peter VanderPoel - You will also need to create a Miro account profile (and Free Plan team in the process) using your educational institution’s domain.

Once your application is approved, Miro will upgrade your Free Plan team to an Education Plan team.

I’ve signed up, but only 10 licenses are granted for a class of 18. How do I get the seats I need?


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@Peter VanderPoel  - There are two plan types:

  • Student - 10 licenses/seats/members
  • Educator - 100 licenses/seats/members

Did you choose Educator?


That’s it. I missed the button

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@Peter VanderPoel 

I’m using Miro in many of my classes for a few semesters now.

Consider cleaning from the team (deleting) the class members a few months after the semester ends. Otherwise you will end the 100 seats quite fast.


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@Claudio Schapsis - Further to @Peter VanderPoel’s tip, I would also suggest that you have a read through the following post if you have any questions around Board and Project sharing.

If the team’s default Board and Project sharing are left as “anyone in the team can access/see them”, this creates a lot of clutter, very quickly.

You can also use Projects as folders/mini-teams where you could create a folder for a student, give just them access to that Project, and then put any boards in that Project that you would be collaborating on with that student, assigning them work, etc.

Here’s the post:

@Robert Johnson I am trying to apply as a student, but don't have the credentials required. Our collage/Uni did not provide us with an email. I currently have a project on miro that i need to access and edit something within few days for an exam.

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@Tharush Somashekar - Please leave a reply on this thread →

While you wait for a response, if the board you need to access is in a paid or Education Plan subscription, you would ask the board owner to give you access using the Visitors feature.