How do I enable dark mode?

  • 1 September 2021
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I want to enable dark mode on the Miro desktop app, how do I do that?
I require of dark mode, otherwise my eyes will proceed to hurt. Thank you for reading this.

31 replies

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None of these solutions are really sufficient, in my opinion. They’re helpful, of course, but it’s they aren’t replacements for a built-in dark mode (or better, a customizable background). The Dark Reader fix inverts images on Miro, which is awful. The workaround with the large frame or image works, but it makes navigation more difficult. It’s also very frustrating to have it as a selectable object, even if it’s locked. The options panel for it is distracting, and it’s horrible if you accidentally double-click anywhere that isn’t the content you actually care about, because suddenly you’re zoomed out to the size of your whole project (or the size you expect your project to be, which might be much larger). 


I find it discouraging that a post 2 years old with half as many comments as there are total suggestions on the forums is ignored by designers when very, very little effort would be required to implement a robust feature for background customization. They implemented the dotted background when that was requested, and that request was made 1 year ago. I just don’t understand.

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@Maybe Anonymous :

Till this time there is no dark mode available.

Please vote for it here:

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Workaround ( not a complete solution, but is more then nothing )


  1. Create a big canvas (rectangle)
  2. Set Your Color
  3. Lock it in place so its unselectable and you can work on top of that.

Thank me later :)

Please add a dark mode.

What’s there more important?

 @Mike Slivinski Just curious, why is it unusable without dark mode?

This is fundamental UX.  On large HDR monitors Miro is blinding. I’m not going to waste my time searching for workarounds, enduring eye strain, headaches, and other problems because a paid app ignores the most fundamental principles of UX.

Wish there was a dark mode 😓

A fix for dark mode. Install this extension in any browser. It has several settings such as brightness, contrast, etc. to adjust to your liking--->Dark Reader


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Hello everone,


We have decided not to renew our 4 seat subscription because of this. ($400 per year)


We are not coming back until there's a properly implemented dark mode.



Really thinking on canceling my team’s subscription because of no Dark mode...

Figma did it? I understand it is kind of difficult perhaps… At least making a dark background?

When do you plan to provide Dark Mode? Drawing tools are usually used with bigger screens.
Can you imagine working with Miro on 32” screen? It’s like a strong bulb lamp in front of your eyes!

For those who are using the latest version of Dark Reader, you can turn all dark with this option:

And for those who doesnt understand why dark mode is so important, let me ask: how many hours do you think developers spend in front of a screen?I can't even work on a laptop that doesn't have to set the brightness super low or after 6 hours of work I'll end up wanting to cut my head with a chainsaw because it would hurt less that way

Thinking of jumping ship to OneNote just to avoid the retina-roasting glare? Well, that's one way to avoid a 'bright' idea! Miro, my eyeballs are filing a complaint, and they've lawyered up! Let's dim the drama with some dark mode, pronto!  #BlindedByTheLight

@Mike Slivinski
Setting dark reader’s mode to Filter or Filter+ works. It may not look the best and i have not thoroughly tested it, but it works fine with background, text, and even attempts to invert pictures.


Inverting pictures is precisely why it is not a viable solution. All colors and images are inverted because of the way Miro serves the app content. This makes it impossible to collaborate when images and colors are extremely relevant to the work being done.

REALLY MIRO? No Dark Mode?

Really Miro? No dark mode?


I have another workaround:
Use it in Google Chrome and install the AddOn “Dark Reader” then enable it.

@Mike Slivinski
Setting dark reader’s mode to Filter or Filter+ works. It may not look the best and i have not thoroughly tested it, but it works fine with background, text, and even attempts to invert pictures.


I’ve canceled my subscription. Dark reader is no longer working and without a dark mode this is unusable. 

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 @Mike Slivinski Just curious, why is it unusable without dark mode?

Um, just change the background color of the board under Hamburger-->board-->background color … yeah the icons are still white but that’ll do 85% of the display to dark.  I see a bit of whining in this thread but not very much ‘trying the built in background’ functionality.


Good luck friends.

not a good solution for shared boards.

As for ‘whining’? come on dude… visual impairment is a real thing

really? no dark mode?

That’s amazing ?!? There is no dark mode… White is really dazzling...


Yes, in the miro app, there would be no possibility to use any browser plugins and i love the app. please consider that in your backlog.

My company is looking for a solution just like Miro. We are trying to use it to collaborate. The lack of a dark mode is _directly_ responsible for us rejecting it as utterly unsuitable. Your ridiculous nuclear white aesthetic is physically painful to look at, even with a black background. Your product is unusable as it stands.