Combine User Story Maps into one?

We created several user story maps for different parts of the process to ease facilitation. Now we’re reviewing those maps and want to combine all three into one and clean up overlap.  Is there a way to connect the end of one map’s backbone to the start of the next map’s backbone?

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@Wendie Hipolito -

Which story mapping template did you use for the three maps as there are a few different ones in the Miro templates library?

If you used the “User Story Map Framework” template which is based on cards, then you can just copy and paste or drag and move the entire set from one map into another.

If you used the “User Story Map” template which is using rectangular stickies then you can just move them from one map to the main one and align the personas, epics and so on.


We used the User Story Map Framework template.  I seem to be able to drag and drop from one map to another but inconsistently.  Sometimes the drag works, sometimes not. Sometimes the drop into the Master board works, sometimes not. Not sure why.


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Thanks for clarifying @Wendie Hipolito - have you tried by clicking and dragging the top-level blue cards over? When I do that it merges them in...