Button which automatically goes to another part of the board ?

I would like to add more details on a process mapping. So, it would be really nice for me to click on the process title to access to the sub-processes. Is it possible to have this kind of button on Miro ?

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@Baptiste Sudre -

The only current way to do this is to use Miro Links. Using this you can link from a particular top-level activity to the starting activity of the drilled down sub-process flow somewhere else on the same or a different board.

For more info, review this Help Center article:


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I just tested this out on the BPMN diagram pack and the link copied to clipboard using “Copy link” when selecting a node is actually a link to the entire process map, so when you link to it from another node in the process map, it just zooms out and shows the whole process map. So, to get around this, you would need to put a rectangle around a specific part of the map, get the link for that rectangle, make the rectangle’s fill and border transparent, and then link to the rectangle. (Unfortunately, I cannot make a video of this in action right now.)

We really need this feature. Buttons that can link flows together that do not look like a hyperlink would be great. I need to be able to control the look and feel of this button.

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@Tomas Almera - You may want to upvote this idea →