Aggressive Marketing for my training sessions

  • 22 January 2021
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How do I remove the constant marketing telling my students to sign up for Miro. I would like to let Miro know that it is very intrusive and confusing to my students, to the point that I might start looking for something else. 
 I have enough to do without explaining to my students over and over that it is not necessary to sign up. It uses up precious time in my training classes. I don’t mind having it there, but I do mind not being able to dismiss it. Add a “not now” button so it goes away.

4 replies

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@dlamark7464 - I agree with your comments. Short of your students signing up for a free account, there is currently no way for you to disable these annoying and intrusive marketing popups. 

I would suggest that you add your comments and vote to the following wish list idea:

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@dlamark7464 :

I’ve pointed this out long time ago …

I love miro - and i can understand that they are putting their banners inside it in every free account - with one exception:
The educational license - 

I wish by heart the removement of the banners and ads 


  • I was invited in about 60 or 70 zoom-meetings:
    No ad or banner
  • I work in an educational institution we used GoToMeeting and now WebEx with for about 130 - 200 participants / daily:
    Our participants have not seen one ad or banner
  • We paid the price for the license: Our participants came not in touch with any single ad or banner
  • Why not do it the same way ???



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@mlanders  - I 100% agree. Maybe there was a time when RealtimeBoard/Miro was not well known and was trying to grow, but those days are over. And with more people using Miro as guests, the more people that are being annoyed/confused/turned off by the clutter. When I pay for an online service that I am directing clients to, I do not expect the provider to advertise to my clients. Would you use sticky notes with “Post-it” all over the writing surface of the notes? No. Would you buy a whiteboard from Staples that had the word “Staples” all over the writing surface? No.

If you too would like to see these ads removed and have the ability to further customize board options for guests, please add your comments/vote to this wish list idea:

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@Robert Johnson :

on the 19th of march I’ve got a semiar where I present miro to systemic consultants and therapists and show them how miro can be used in a consulting/therapeutical setting with clients.

My seminar is parted:

One part they will see the board only via zoom.

Second part they will be invited onto my board and will test miro themself.

I am totally curious how they react to the advertisement … maybe this will be a killer that they do not use miro … 

Because one of the questions they will first ask is:

“Whats with the Banner-ad on the right side? Will my client see this also?”

You can imagine what happens when my answer is “Yes”?  :thinking: