Voting 2.0

  • 14 May 2020
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Would be awesome to to add the following features to the voting plugin:

Visibility: In many situations we want to have the votes visible on the board as people starts voting. On the latest video on youtube by AJ&Smart running a LDJ session on Miro is an example.

Dot Voting: Being able to see the dots on the board enables us to have a visual representation of intentions and priorities. When starting the voting session, we should also pick a color for the dots. Placing the dots at random positions on the shape the person has voted on would create that human feel. Yes, there's a challenge place them without covering the content (In some cases that would be hard). But maybe applying an alpha of 50% on the dots when mouse if over the shape. 

Hide/Show: After the session is over, we should be able to hide/show the dot votes (the dots) for each of the sessions, allowing us to stack them on top of each other.

3 replies

Agree 100% with these suggestions. I wish I had them now!

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@Fabio Barreiro -

There is already a dot voting template so are you basically looking to automate the dot voting process whereby it would tabulate which object had received the most dots?


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@Kiron Bondale, the manual process using templates is ok but what I think is that when we have  real world users running voting sessions manually instead of using Miro's voting feature, this shows that the feature is not providing what the users need. So not only tabulating it, but also removing the need of having all those dots pre-arranged on the board, and thinking about the flexibility when having it automated (delete sessions would automatically remove all the dots from the board…. run multiple sessions with different having the decider use a larger gold dot after the team votes… hide and show all the voting rounds, etc). Even moving the shapes could also get the dots moving together.