User Story Mapping framework with nice header like Kanban

  • 27 April 2020
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I’m a big user of User Story Mapping and that’s why I’m in Miro today. I use also Kanban for small projects. You should use the same sticky header you created in Kanban in the user story map framework.


3 replies

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Some context elements : a story map can be huge and with a lot of swim lane (dependinf on your development strategy and releases). Activities and Steps (2 first lines) are crucial to know where you are in the story map at any time. That’s why I ask for a feature like your Kanban to show the 2 first line every time.

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I’ve just found the thread and was thinking about the same thing! Maps tend to grow really big and as they do, they become increasingly harder to navigate without a sticky header.


I’d love to see activities and tasks as I scroll through releases of stories.


Hope we can see that soon!

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I’d actually recommend extending this to be more than just two levels and to make it customizable by user. If I’ve got a story map which has personas, features/themes and then epics, I’d like to freeze all of those and just have the stories scroll.