Synchronized Video Playback

  • 24 February 2021
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A killer app would be the ability for a board owner to start (initiate) the playback of embedded video for all board participants/guests. Sort of what Netflix users are able to do on Chrome as they synchronize the watching of content while in different places on different machines.  

3 replies

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@Naeem Seedat ,

totally agree - there is only a workaround to use external tools like zoom - webex or gotomeeting to get this but even with the implemented screenshare mode this is not possible …


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I love this idea.


My friends and I - outside of work- like to party and dj using Zoom. Recently we started using Meetbutter to watch videos on youtube together. Meetbutter has Miro integration, so if there was a way of playing a video synchronously - we’d finally be able to do our dj sets! :)  

For work - The only addition I would make to what you suggested is to allow people to use post its, shapes, text etc while simultaneously watching the video. At present this action stops the video. People like to comment in real time while doing this. saves having to jot things on paper and then upload after

I need this!!