Sum function in Miro

  • 6 January 2021
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I am trying to create a project plan in Miro and in the plan I want to have each story tagged with the number of hours that story will take. My goal is to have a sum function at the end that tells me the total of all the hours it will take to finish up that feature. 

I don’t see anything like this in Miro and I think this will be helpful to all the project managers out there. 



1 reply


fully agree. Indeed, while it is nice to have some visualization, it would be way helpful to link some stuff together. Like having opportunity to use “sum function” to evaluate the results. Other ideas would be to adjust calendar dates automatically (either download actual calendar date or adjust them from some poll). Same as connect/synchronize some templates by request ...for e.g. Product Roadmap with Kanban board...etc