streamline sign-on process especially for SSO

  • 24 November 2021
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Our company just switched our Miro account to SSO and accessing my content got harder - particularly since we get signed out after a couple hours. 


Request: implement as many of these as is feasible based on security requirements

  1. Remember how I normally log in from this browser or app -- don’t make me click on “sign on with SSO” every time
  2. Remember my email address for SSO for as long as possible, even if that is just a day -- so I don’t have to enter my email address multiple times per day
  3. Automatically trigger the customer’s SSO, where I may also have to enter credentials -- so that I can get to my Miro content as quickly as possible (and if I’m on my VPN I don’t need to do anything)
  4. Encourage your customers to have longer idle time limits configured

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