Sticky Sticky Notes that actually stick to other objects

  • 9 December 2020
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Quite often I put sticky notes on top of other items (like actual sticky notes IRL). It would be great if you could toggle the ‘stickiness’ of a sticky note. If it was a real sticky note, it would move when you moved the item it was stuck to. 

I’m aware that you can either group things or use frames, but frames only work if I’m moving the entire frame + its contents, and for groups it can be fiddly to try and move things individually. 

3 replies

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Existing annotation features (emoji, tags, the voting app) are all really heavyweight in practice. Perhaps fine for teams that work together continually, but much of my Miro usage consists of workshops with miro-inexperienced participants.

I’d really like to see a “stickers” feature. These would be arbitrary shapes/icons/etc. that would move with whatever object they’re stuck to.

Bonus points if any text within a sticker could export like a tag in the CSV-export

I am new to Miro, within 15 min of using it this was instantly a very obvious unintelligent non-feature of Miro. Why call it sticky notes if it’s not going to stick on the thing it was stuck to? I used the retrospective work board and found that that the sticky notes were left st*pidly suspended in digital midair when I wanted to move the boad. This is so annoying. By the way, is there a point in a wishlist? This topic is 4 months old,  they’ve not solved this question yet.

I agree with @Christopher Rider , I think the (now introduced) Stickers should Stick to Objects (all object touching a Sticker will be grouped). This would also (almost) solve @Nina Ward’s problem.

...maybe add a roll of “scotch tape” to the Stickers catlogue…?)