Setting waypoints in presentation mode

  • 20 April 2020
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Hello everyone!

I’m doing a presentation using Miro to show coworkers a user-experience design consisting of 20 or so pages:


Each of those pages is full-sized.  In order to guide them through the process, I’ll need to zoom into each page and occasionally zoom out to give them more context.  I realize that clicking the percentage value in the mini-map will zoom to full size.  Although this will work, I have another idea!

What if you could set “waypoints”, which would consist of a location and zoom level.  You could set a waypoint simply by navigating to the location and zoom that you want to capture, then click on a button that says, “Save Waypoint”.  There could be a waypoints list (vertical list maybe) where you could reorder waypoints, delete waypoints, and jump to a waypoint.  Jumping to waypoints, especially in presentation mode, would be a godsend.


3 replies

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@Bret -

The waypoint idea is a pretty cool one! Right now, what I’ve been doing to get something similar is using the links capability to link from a “menu” to key frames which happen to be scattered all over my board.


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I suggested zoom point snapping the other day with a similar objective to this. 
love It!

Just wondering if anyone from Miro looks at these wishlist posts?

Hi @bigspud, sure :relaxed:  We are always here!