Set license type from IdP SCIM

  • 29 September 2021
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We provide access to users via SCIM from Okta. We manage all access from Okta and the users need to be added in Okta which would require the SCIM provisioning. With our other tools we can pass the license type. This allows us to automate the access by groups in Okta. With the limitation in Miro not allowing us to set this from Okta, currently we need to provision with SCIM providing a default license type (we have set to free) and then manually go in and flip any user we want to have a full license. Our expectation as we have with many tools is that we will have users in different categories with free or full licenses (different Okta groups).

We would like to see this added as a feature for SCIM provisioning? Currently we have this ability with many vendors including Lucid, Tableau, AWS, DataDog, and more.

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